This is how literature procurement is done nowadays.

    • A full range of literature-procurement services, with cost-optimised administration and fulfilment
    • Access to all titles available worldwide – in print or digital format
    • Fully integrated into your own systems

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    Direct access for your organisation to 30,000 publishing houses worldwide.

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    The transparency and security of all your processes are a vital part of your day-to-day business. You can rely on our expertise when it comes to trouble-free access to all relevant information in all your departments.

    • International research and procurement of digital / printed information products
    • 100% transparency regarding subscriptions and available material
    • Highly efficient procedures based on innovative solutions
    • Access to all commonly used eProcurement systems and online marketplaces

    Are you looking for ways of relieving you and your employees of onerous routine tasks? Then let your business take advantage of our all-round literature/media procurement service.


    As a full-service provider we perform each step on your behalf, from organisation and coordination to billing and final delivery – whether directly to your own computer desktops or to those of your users.

    ims helps to free up your organisation, while at the same time delivering a significant reduction in costs. We would be pleased to show you the advantages that a tailored ims solution could suppose for your organisation. Just call us to arrange for a totally non-binding consultation on the subject.

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    An overview of ims services

    You want literature procurement to run efficiently within your organisation. You are looking for expert customer service with global research capacity. You want to digitalise your ordering processes as part of your efforts to minimise your direct and indirect costs. Which of these topics can we offer you advice on, and what can we do to help relieve you of your procurement responsibilities in this area?

    We procure all available media – both printed and digital – on your behalf worldwide. The items concerned include books and other publications, subscriptions, products of the press and media sector and licenses to access online databases.

    We are always at your disposal – in person. The sector-specific teams in ims Customer Service supply the specific expertise that your organisation requires.

    We supply you with an all-round ordering, administration and billing system, with maximum user-friendliness and transparency for all users.

    Our single sign-on (SSO) web service allows you to access all your licensed online databases via a single login.

    We guarantee smooth-running, across-the-board delivery and prompt, precisely targeted access to daily newspapers, periodicals and books as soon as they become available.


    We analyse your procurement processes, thereby helping you to identify potential areas of improvement and tease out cost-saving measures.


    Our precisely tailored eProcurement solutions cover everything from online catalogue links to automated ordering procedures and digital billing.

    We supply you with a digital reader free of charge. This allows you access, on virtually any device, to the information that you have subscribed to – via just one login.

    The advantages for you

    The ims Full Service package offers you lower costs and enormous savings in terms of both time and labour, with equal benefits for your purchasing operation, post room and accounts department.

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    More and more companies are outsourcing their literature-management operations. Because media procurement has significant saving potentials, in terms of both cost and complexity, for large and small businesses alike.

    Find out how to benefit from the expertise and experience of ims specialists. You save time and money, while becoming free to concentrate on your core activities.

    Our approach


    1. Analysis

    We analyse your literature requirements and identify the cost-driving factors. You find out specifically how much you are likely to save in bottom-line terms.


    2. Optimisation

    We use the global overview so obtained to identify the full potential for optimising your media procurement, and how you can continue to exploit it in the future.


    3. A concept based on individual solutions

    The result: an integrated, individual solution for your business that includes the entire range of literature-procurement, administration and delivery tasks.


    We will be pleased to advise you further, preferably person-to-person. Sales: +49 (0)40 / 23 51 33-400

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