About ims

    ims is the B2B-sector specialist in the efficient, non-publisher-dependent procurement of printed and digital technical media for a wide range of business organisations.

    ims  sees itself as a partner with a mission to simplify the entire information procurement process. We help business organisations to acquire such media resources quickly, reliably and in a cost-optimised way; with transparent, centrally administered procedures.

    ims is a wholly owned subsidiary of PVG Presse-Vertriebs-Gesellschaft KG, one of Germany’s biggest press-sector wholesalers and suppliers of specialist logistics services, thereby likewise making it a member of the 7Days Group, which is in turn one of the leading suppliers of order-fulfilment services on the markets of Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

    A sophisticated logistics service is therefore one of our special strengths: We have 18 logistics centres of our own, with deliveries up to three times daily and a unique approach to early starts.

    ims supplies all its services from a single source. This means that we always take personal care of our customers’ needs, while supplying them with flexible expert support.

    We procure printed and digital information media, along with databases, from anywhere in the world – quickly and reliably. This lets us combine the best performance features of a bookseller, a supplier of logistics services and a subscription agency.
    In other words: We can obtain all available local and international publications on your behalf, supply them to you wherever you are and deal with all your subscription needs. We also provide you with support for the administration of your literature resources.
    We analyse your precise needs and develop, in close cooperation with you, an individual concept for the optimised procurement of literature, press products and licenses for online databases.
    We offer you all manner of facilities, ranging from intensive personal attention and easy ordering via the ims Webshop to integrated e-procurement solutions designed to deliver a full set of digital ordering and billing procedures.

    Ask us for advice, preferably in the form of a face-to-face meeting, about what a solution for your own literature and information needs might look like, by calling +49 (0)40 / 23 51 33-200.

    Our team

    The team at our head office in Hamburg consists of some 50 employees. Your contact people in Customer Service are at your disposal from 7 a.m. every morning, as are their colleagues in IT and Logistics. We deal with such matters as research, procurement, ordering, cancellations, complaints and technical enquiries, while doing our utmost to ensure the best possible solution for you.
    Let the members of our management team introduce themselves to you personally:

    Alexander Stein


    Anke Lipa
    Head of Customer Service

    Tel.: +49 (0)40 / 23 51 33-274
    Telefax: +49 (0)40 / 23 51 33-174

    Manfred Weide
    Head of Sales (South)

    Tel.: +49 (0)69 / 92 05 76-20

    Our technical partners

    e-procurement connection

    • SAP SRM classic od UI5
    • Ariba Buyer
    • OpusCapita (jCatalog)
    • Wallmedien WPS
    • Meplato Mall
    • Hubwoo
    • Capgemini IBX


    • Meplato
    • Mercateo
    • Beka
    • and others

    Technical partners

    • Boreus
    • Gecko
    • OpusCapita
    • OB10 (e-Invoicing)
    • Compello

    Suppliers and service providers

    • KNV
    • Libri
    • Newbooks
    • United Kiosk
    • Ciando
    • MVB Marketing and Publishing Service


    We act as a supplier of media services to customers from commerce and industry, the scientific community, institutions, libraries, government ministries and universities in Germany and elsewhere. No fewer than twelve of Germany’s DAX-30 companies are clients.

    We belong to

    About PVG

    As one of Germany’s biggest press-sector wholesalers, PVG (short for Presse-Vertriebs-Gesellschaft KG) ensures that all press-related products have unrestricted access to the market, and that interested parties can obtain even titles with small circulations and short print-runs.

    PVG lives up to its role as an innovative press centre by meeting the demanding needs of the market with the very latest solutions in terms of communications, logistics, data technology, market research and tracking, marketing and customer service.

    This exceptional level of performance benefits publishing houses and consumers, and above all the approximately 6,830 dealers in the sales area supplied by us on a daily basis. A team of 454 employees, all dedicated to the delivery of this comprehensive range of services, is shared by our distribution centres of Rhine-Main (in Frankfurt), Central Hesse (in Giessen) and Rhineland Palatinate (covering the south of Germany).